The Ultimate Guide to Living on Vancouver Island
by Shanon Kelley Realty Group

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Introduction: Vancouver Island Living

With its laidback west coast vibe, stunning scenery, and abundant recreation opportunities, it’s no wonder Vancouver Island is consistently ranked one of the best places to live in Canada. You’ll never be bored living on Vancouver Island, as the locals here call it; “The Island Life”.

Island life offers a peaceful yet energizing lifestyle where you can reconnect with nature no matter where you might plant your roots. If you plant your roots in Nanaimo, you still have all the comforts of a city and Nanaimo is growing and developing and a quick pace. If you wanted a hobby farm or a Vancouver Island acreage property, that will give you the seclusion you might want as well while still being close to necessities. Tight-knit communities provide a welcoming sense of belonging no matter where you are, even in the city there is a sense of strong community togetherness with multiple neighbourhood events during the summer months.

In this guide, we’ll showcase why Vancouver Island is a dream destination for many and how to embrace the island lifestyle. We will outline some of the various aspects that there are to Vancouver Island and all it has to offer while painting the broad strokes of what it might be like living in some parts of Vancouver Island.

Let us introduce you to the magic of Vancouver Island living. With our guidance of Vancouver Island living here on our website, we aim to give you a glimpse into the lifestyle here on Vancouver Island.


Adventure In The Natural Beauty Vancouver Island Has To Explore

From Nothern Vancouver Island to Southern Vancouver Island & From the East Coast of Vancouver Island to the West Coast – there is always somewhere to explore within a 45 minute drive and usually it’s just a 5 minute drive away right in your back yard. Vancouver Island is filled with all sorts of bio-diverse weather specific regions while being in the middle of warm winds blowing up from the South, cold winds blowing down from the North and all sorts of fog and other weather systems rolling in from the Pacific Ocean on the West Coast of Vancouver Island.

The island boasts a diversity of regions to call home – each with their own unique climate. From the cosmopolitan yet laidback vibe of cities like Nanaimo & Victoria, to the surf town charm of Tofino or Ucuelet to pristine Northern tips of Vancouver Island like San Josef Bay. Each are unique to their own in many ways, providing a new unique experience wherever you go.

Arts, culture and top-notch local cuisine thrive thanks to the talented residents who call Vancouver Island home. It’s a nurturing environment where local creativity and entrepreneurship is warmly valued and supported.

For those seeking unmatched beauty, endless nature, vibrant communities and a balanced lifestyle – Vancouver Island is calling. Answer by making it your new island home.

Exploring the Natural Beauty and Outdoor Recreation of Vancouver Island

For outdoor enthusiasts, Vancouver Island is nothing short of a paradise. Vancouver Island has incredible botanical diversity, with unique ecosystems that vary all over Vancouver Island. Some areas get hotter and more dry in the mid areas of the Island, while others stay incredibly moist in the fog zones.

The diverse landscapes and environments promises to always give a good adventure when you go out exploring. Just make sure to be safe and prepare accordingly, tell friends when you go out somewhere and only go where you know and are familiar with.

After you understand how to be safe and plan accordingly, you can head out and traverse towering old-growth forests, snowboard or ski down Mount Washington, kayak along rugged coastlines, swim or float in the world class rivers and lakes or surf invigorating waves – a connection with nature is always just moments away wherever you are on Vancouver Island.

Provincial parks like Strathcona Provincial Park near Campbell River and Mount Arrowsmith near Port Alberni protect vast wilderness while offering world-class hiking, camping and wildlife viewing. Miles of scenic trails allow you to immerse in lush rainforests or enjoy panoramic vistas and maybe see a mushroom or two – don’t eat them unless you are a tra

Pristine beaches and ocean shores around Tofino, B.C. and Ucluelet, B.C. beckon surfers, beachcombers and storm watchers all year around. Even during the winter in Tofino when the best waves are to be surfed, you’ll see surfers out there in 0 degree or even -1c weather.

Only 3 or so hours away from Tofino is Mt. Washington where you can get your snowboarding and skiing fix and right near Mt. Washington are some of the best mountain bike trails in the world only a short drive away in Cumberland, B.C.

Nanaimo River is an amazing river as well, to swim in or explore the trails – it’s a river that gets to a perfect temperature in the summer. Some people even find gold while panning in the Nanaimo river!

While the tranquil waters of Saanich Inlet invite stand up paddle boarding and kayaking right at the coast, you’re never far from having something to do.

There’s so much more to list, but you get the idea. There’s so much to explore! You’ll never be bored!

Parks and Wildlife on Vancouver Island

Along with those areas to explore noted above, Vancouver Island has some wonderful nature reserves to explore and challenge yourself.

  • Provincial Parks – Large protected areas like Strathcona, West Coast Trail, and Mount Arrowsmith offer hiking, camping, and nature viewing.
  • National Parks – Gulf Islands National Park Reserve spans several islands off the east coast of Vancouver Island.
  • Wildlife – Whales, bears, eagles, deer, elk, sea wolves and other wildlife are all over the island. Eagles and Whales are actually the most common sighting – please be respectful and mind your distance.

The abundance of parks and untamed wilderness on Vancouver Island make it a true haven for nature lovers.

Vancouver Island Has Every Outdoor Activity You Can Think Of!

Outdoor recreation is everywhere all over Vancouver Island, which helps you to stay active and connect with nature.

With endless options across the island, an active outdoor lifestyle on Vancouver Island is easily achievable.

Embracing the Vancouver Island Lifestyle

Moving to Vancouver Island is just the first step. Learning to truly embrace the laidback island lifestyle and all it has to offer is key to happiness and fulfillment.

From the slower pace to the friendly community spirit, there are fantastic qualities that make life on the island so enriching. But it takes insider knowledge and the right mindset to adopt them.

In this section, we’ll share tips on immersing yourself in the island lifestyle – from enjoying the natural beauty to connecting with the local culture. We’ll also provide guidance on finding the ideal community to call home.

With support from Shanon Kelley Realty Group, you’ll quickly feel at home in your new west coast paradise. Let’s start crafting your version of the ideal island life!

Quality of Life on Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island offers an exceptionally high quality of life thanks to its stunning natural environment, friendly communities, and abundance of recreation.

Outdoor activities like surfing, hiking, biking, kayaking, and wildlife viewing are right at your doorstep. The island’s parks and trails showcase diverse landscapes from mountains to old growth forests to rugged coastlines.

Laidback island towns provide a strong sense of community where neighbours support and socialize with each other. Festivals and events strengthen connections.

Access to locally grown organic produce and seafood allows you to follow a healthy, eco-conscious lifestyle. Yoga studios, alternative health services, and farmers markets help facilitate wellness.

The slower pace of life reduces stress and allows more time for passions. With a great work-life balance, you can truly thrive on Vancouver Island.

The Island’s Diverse Communities and Culture

Vancouver Island is home to a diversity of welcoming communities, each with their own unique cultures and vibes.

Cosmopolitan Victoria offers historic architecture, museums, concerts, restaurants and an engaging arts scene. Outdoorsy Tofino is the surfing hub and gateway to Pacific Rim National Park.

Friendly Nanaimo has a historic port town feel and serves as Vancouver Island’s second urban center. Meanwhile, rural communities like Cumberland and Parksville offer plentiful nature, charm, and hospitality.

First Nations communities like the Snuneymuxw and Cowichan peoples share their long-standing traditions and knowledge of the land. Multicultural influences blend together.

Vancouver Island’s communities are accepting, eco-conscious, and community-oriented. There’s a place where everyone can feel at home and connect to the local culture.

Outdoor Recreation and Natural Beauty of Vancouver Island

With its magnificent landscapes and temperate climate, Vancouver Island is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Hiking trails wind through ancient old-growth forests, along rugged coastlines with crashing waves, and up mountain peaks with spectacular views. Bike paths, lakes and ocean fronts encourage cycling, kayaking and paddle boarding.

Incredible parks like Strathcona Provincial Park and Pacific Rim National Park Reserve showcase the island’s diverse ecosystems and scenery. Whale watching, bear viewing and birding opportunities abound.

The mild winters make year-round outdoor recreation possible. Skiing and snowshoeing in the mountains give way to camping, fishing and beachcombing when the snow melts.

With endless wilderness to explore in your own backyard, embracing a healthy, active lifestyle on Vancouver Island is a breeze. The natural splendor never gets old!

Working and Studying on Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island offers excellent opportunities for career development, business, and education.

The job market is stable and diverse, with growing industries like tech and healthcare. Local colleges and universities provide academic programs to boost skills.

With knowledge-based jobs on the rise, you can build an engaging career here without big city hassles. Entrepreneurs also thrive in the supportive business climate.

In this section, we’ll overview the job market, schools and programs available, and how to plug into the island’s career network. With the right connections, you can establish a fulfilling work and study life.

The Job Market and Economic Opportunities on Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island offers a stable job market and economy driven by industries like technology, tourism, healthcare, education, trades, and more.

Major employers include the provincial government, schools and universities, hospitals, Crown corporations like BC Hydro and ICBC, and municipal governments. Tourism supports many local businesses.

Technology firms are growing, especially in Victoria. Coding and engineering jobs are increasing as companies take advantage of affordable office space and Vancouver Island proximity.

With an aging population, healthcare jobs abound. Trades are also in demand to support construction and infrastructure.

Small businesses thrive thanks to community loyalty and tourism. Entrepreneurs benefit from government grants and support programs.

Vancouver Island provides a great environment for career development and advancement. Our team can help connect you with job openings that match your skills and interests.

Education Facilities: Schools, Colleges, and Universities

Vancouver Island offers quality education options from primary schools to post-secondary institutions.

Public schools provide strong academic foundations for kids and teens. Private schools offer alternative approaches and specializations.

Post-secondary choices include Camosun College with campuses in Victoria and Nanaimo, North Island College, and Vancouver Island University based in Nanaimo. Trades colleges also available.

The University of Victoria in Victoria provides degree programs to over 20,000 students. Known for social sciences, humanities, law and business programs. Attracts international students.

Royal Roads University in Colwood focuses on graduate programs oriented to working professionals. Distance education available.

With great public and private schools, colleges, and universities, Vancouver Island cultivates learning and advancement at any age and stage of life.

Vancouver Island Infrastructure & Community

Healthcare & Public Services Infrastructure on Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island offers excellent education, healthcare, and public services to foster thriving communities across the region.

  • Healthcare – Modern hospitals, clinics, and dedicated healthcare providers through Island Health give residents access to excellent care. Some of the bigger city hospitals get busier at times, but there’s usually a smaller one not far away in the next city or town over that will have a shorter waiting time.
  • Emergency services – Well-staffed fire departments, R.C.M.P. police forces, and search and rescue groups help keep communities safe.
  • Municipal services – Responsible local governments provide important services like waste, recycling and composting management, clean and modern libraries, multiple recreation leisure centers with all sorts of leisure activities. All the parks are well taken care of and managed.
  • Community support – Along with robust non-profit organizations who help address social issues and help those in need, there is a strong sense of community all over Vancouver Island. There are festivals and community events all over the island that include larger city events, community events and even neighbourhood specific events. It’s a great sense of community here on Vancouver Island.

The commitment to delivering quality public services contributes to the unmatched lifestyle of Vancouver Island, and has noticeably been worked on more so over the past 3-4 years and contiunues to make strong improvements. The recreational parks are all getting new installations, pools are getting renovated and schools are making big strides as well. New residents can feel confident putting down roots on Vancouver Island with great schools, healthcare, safety, and community support that is getting better over time.

Safety and Community Spirit on Vancouver Island

Residents of Vancouver Island enjoy a safe environment and strong sense of community belonging.

  • Low crime rates – The island has below average crime levels compared to other parts of British Columbia.
  • Neighbourly spirit – Vancouver Island communities embrace new residents and make them feel welcomed. There are many events set up by local MLA’s that are neighbourhood specific – some including free bouncy castles, music and food!
  • Family focus – Abundant parks, recreation centers, events and activities that cater to families. The local community centers are great with all sorts of programs and leisure options, and there’s lots of sports leagues for the little ones.

The laidback lifestyle, natural beauty, and caring community feel attract many people to Vancouver Island. Residents take pride in their neighbourhoods and are devoted to maintaining safe, welcoming places to live.

Newcomers can rest assured knowing they are choosing not just a beautiful place, but also a supportive community to call home.

A Day In The Life of Living on Vancouver Island: North Island, Central Island and South Island

Life on Vancouver Island brings opportunities to embrace the laidback rhythms of island time surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty.

The relaxed pace encourages you to leave the stresses of mainland life behind. Locals understand the importance of finding balance – working hard but also making time for enjoyment, mindfulness and rejuvenation.

You’ll quickly adapt to the island way of living. Waking up slowly to the sunrise over the Salish Sea. Grabbing your fishing rod and kayak after work to catch dinner. Spending weekends hiking forest trails to hidden waterfalls while admiring the unique island botanicals and mushrooms.

The island vibe couples a deep appreciation of nature with camaraderie of small communities. Neighbours stop to chat and see how you’re doing. Weekends are for farmers markets, art festivals and bonfires at the beach.

Vancouver Island is for those seeking tranquility, connection and a lifestyle infused with beauty and meaning. The chance is here to live life to the fullest, appreciate each day and follow your passions.

Here we give some insights to an imaginary action packed day if it was spent on the North, Central or South areas of Vancouver Island.

Northern Vancouver Island: A Day In The Life of North Vancouver Island Living

Your day starts just before sunrise, waking slowly to the sound of crashing waves outside your oceanside accommodation near Port Hardy. After a light breakfast, you pack water and snacks for a full day of adventure in the wilderness of Cape Scott Provincial Park.

Tip: The earlier you can head out is better to experience this wonderful place with less people, and more seclusion. It is a popular destination.

The morning is spent hiking out to the stunning sandy beaches and tidal pools of San Josef Bay. You explore the coastline and keep an eye out for wildlife like bald eagles, black bears and grey whales along the shore. If you’re feeling like a bit more adventure after the bay, you can explore the multiple hiking trails Cape Scott Provincial Park has to offer.

Tip: Make sure to check out the sea stacks caves!

After a wonderful exploration of San Josef Bay and Cape Scott Provincial Park, by noon you’ll be getting hungry, so you can start making your way to Holberg, B.C. for lunch where they have a pub, general store and even a hostel if you wanted to stay in the area longer.

Tip: Along your way back from San Josef Bay to Holberg if you have some energy in the tank you can check out Ronnings Garden with what they claim is the tallest monkey puzzle tree in all of Canada along with some neat tidbits of history.

With a full stomach after lunch, you can head back to Port Hardy to explore what it has to offer for your afternoon or make a few stops along the way at the Fossil Bed of Mt. Waddington, Nahwitti Lake Recreational Site, or Georgie Lake Recreational Site.

Heading back to your ocean front accommodation in the early evening, you cook up a salmon dinner with veggies from the local stores. As the sun sets, you sit by a crackling fire listening to the waves lap against the rocks. You sleep soundly after revitalizing day in the northern island paradise.

Mid Vancouver Island: A Day in Central Vancouver Island

Our journey begins with the soft morning light gracing the city of Nanaimo, the harbour city of Vancouver Island. After a hearty breakfast at a local café, where the aroma of freshly brewed coffee mingles with the salty sea breeze, you head for a leisurely stroll along the Nanaimo Harbourfront Walkway. The calm waves of the Salish Sea lap against the shore, and the city wakes gently to the rhythm of the day kissed by the colourful sunrise in the backdrop of the Nanaimo harbour.

As the morning matures, you make our way to the ferry dock to visit Newcastle Island. The ferry ride is a wonderful experience in itself, and takes you to the New Castle Provincial Marine Park just a short ride across the harbour. Here, we explore scenic trails weaving through verdant forests, unearthing hidden beaches, and offering panoramic viewpoints. The island’s serene environment paints a peaceful start to our day.

Tip: During the summer months, you can choose to walk, or rent a bicycle, kayak or canoe from Jeff’s Kayak and Bike Rentals

At around noon, you return to Nanaimo for lunch. There’s lots of options downtown from Sushi bistros to Pubs and Breweries. Explore local favourites like Nanaimo bars or freshly seafood. By early afternoon, we head north on the Island Highway (with usual calm and smooth traffic) to our next destination.

This is where you take your pick:

– If you have energy in your tank and want to shop for souvenirs, head to Coombs, B.C. – it’s a quirky town known for the goats on the roof of their main market. There are some very unique stores that make you wonder where they got their interesting things for sale, and theres also some west coast style clothing stores and of course some fantastic hippy stores too with some far out stuff.

– If you want to relax after a tiring morning, head to Parksville’s Rathtrevor Beach. You can take a relaxing walk along the shoreline, the sand warm beneath your feet, the rhythmic sound of waves providing a soothing soundtrack. The tide goes out far and shallow which enables you to explore the sea bed and everything that the shore leaves behind as the tide goes out.

Tip: Of course you can choose to do both. Just make sure that you aim to see the sunset at Parksville, B.C. if time allows. The colours of pink, blue, purple, orange and more reflect wonderfully on the ocean’s wave with a sunshine coast mountain backdrop that provides something straight out of a painting.

Dinner awaits at a local restaurant serving farm-to-table fare. As we indulge in the island’s bounty, the day’s adventures replay in our minds, creating a tapestry of experiences that feel both extraordinary and comfortably familiar.

Finally, as the evening sky paints spectacular hues over Vancouver Island, we find ourselves in awe of the day spent exploring some of the best areas of Nanaimo, Parksville, and Coombs. Tired but content, we know the memories of this day will warm our hearts for a long time.

And so, under the canopy of a starlit sky, our magical day on central Vancouver Island concludes, leaving us with a sense of joy, connection, and anticipation for the adventures that tomorrow might bring.

Southern Vancouver Island: A Day in Southern Vancouver Island

Your morning starts with a walk along the scenic oceanfront of Dallas Road in Victoria’s James Bay neighbourhood. You stop for a coffee and stroll through the boutiques of Victoria’s Old Town before exploring through the flowers at the Butchart Gardens.

As you stroll through the stunning array of flowers in full bloom, the vibrant colors and fragrant scents provide a sensory feast. Your stress melts away like the tides of Victoria’s shores in the tranquility of the Japanese Garden, marvel at the dramatic Sunken Garden, and wander through the delightful Rose Garden.

After Butchart Gardens, you’ll be getting hungry and head to an outdoor patio in Downtown Victoria, you spend the early afternoon exploring local galleries and the Royal BC Museum. After exploring what downtown Victoria has to offer, a short drive takes you out to hike the trails and rugged West Coast shoreline of East Sooke Regional Park.

Tip: There’s some age old petroglyphs in the area, caves, and all sorts of neat areas to check out at the East Sooke Regional Park

The route to Sooke itself is a wonderful drive, and very scenic. The journey is part of the adventure, with views of rugged coastline, dense forest, and the majestic Olympic Mountains in the distance.

Once in Sooke, you head to East Sooke Park for a peaceful hike. The trails meander through verdant forest and along rocky shoreline, offering breathtaking views of the Juan de Fuca Strait. You pause at a viewpoint, the cool ocean breeze carrying the scent of salt and pine, and we watch as eagles soar against the backdrop of a clear blue sky.

As the sun begins to set, we return to Victoria and head to Victoria’s Famous Fisherman’s Wharf. Here, you enjoy a casual dinner at one of the colourful floating homes turned eateries, perhaps indulging in some fresh seafood. The sun sets over the harbour, casting a warm glow over the water and marking a beautiful end to our day.

Your day in the southern area of Vancouver Island – from the bustling city of Victoria to the natural haven of Sooke – leaves you with a sense of deep fulfillment.

If you’re located in Nanaimo or anywhere of central Vancouver Island, this is a full day and absolutely easily done travelling from Nanaimo if you leave early morning, the traffic other than inner Victoria at rush hour is always a easy breeze of fresh air.


Shanon Kelley Realty Group: Your Guide in Island Living

With over 25 years of experience on Vancouver Island, The Shanon Kelley Realty Group is your trusted partner for realizing the island lifestyle.

We help guide you through every step – from finding your perfect home, connecting with community, navigating local services, and embracing island living.

Our extensive knowledge, passion for the island, and dedication to clients set us apart. We’ll support your goals and help you thrive.

In this final section, learn more about our team, services, and what we offer as your partners in embracing Vancouver Island living.

Let’s start crafting your fulfilling island life together!


We hope this guide has showcased the incredible opportunities for living your best life on Vancouver Island. With stunning scenery, friendly communities, outdoor recreation, a thriving job market, and diverse housing options, the island truly has something for everyone.

To fully embrace the Vancouver Island lifestyle, finding the ideal home in your perfect neighbourhood is key. Let Shanon Kelley Realty Group guide you through the housing market with our insider knowledge and dedicated support.

We’ll also connect you with job prospects, schools, local services, activities, and our network of islanders. Our passion is helping people thrive here.

If a fulfilling, balanced, nature-immersed island life speaks to you, it’s time to take the leap. Keep reading for next steps on how to get started.

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As first time home buyers we needed some explaining and reminding and Shanon never made us feel dumb or ignorant. Instead she remained professional and supportive. We ended up purchasing a townhouse we had never seen, in a town we had never been to, and were moving from Vancouver Island to the island with little ones. 

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