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Nestled on the east coast of Vancouver Island, Nanaimo is a harbor city with incredible diversity. From its historic downtown to modern suburban developments, Nanaimo offers unique neighbourhoods to suit every lifestyle.

Whether you prefer an urban vibe, scenic water views, or rural acreage, you’ll find your perfect fit within Nanaimo’s varied communities. This guide explores the highlights many of Nanaimo’s neighbourhoods with some brief information that will hopefully help you have a better idea of what each neighbourhood might be like, and what to generally expect within the housing market for those neighbourhoods.

We’ll outline key features like housing types, price ranges, and lifestyle for neighbourhoods across the city. Get to know the peaceful coastal village feel of Lantzville, the intellectual energy of the University District, and the luxury hilltop homes of The Foothills.

Discover the Diversity of Nanaimo’s Neighbourhoods

One of Nanaimo’s greatest assets is the incredible variety of its neighbourhoods. From quaint island communities to master-planned suburban developments, Nanaimo offers diverse lifestyle options.

Seaside neighbourhoods like Departure Bay and Hammond Bay cater to those who relish beachfront living. Meanwhile, areas like Harewood, University District, North Nanaimo and Wellington satisfy urban desires with their vibrancy and convenience.

Historic neighbourhoods like Old City and Downtown provide a vibrant urban feel even in a small city with a small town vibe like Nanaimo.

In addition, neighbourhoods like Cedar, Extension, and South Jingle Pot appeal to those seeking acreage and rural charm just outside the city. And areas like Fairwinds, Glen Oaks, and The Foothills offer high-end luxury living at its finest.

Nanaimo’s neighbourhoods provide options for families, professionals, students, retirees, and everyone in between.

Explore Nanaimo’s Unique Neighbourhoods & Their Real Estate Highlights

Nanaimo offers a diverse array of neighbourhoods, each with its own distinctive character and real estate opportunities. From scenic coastal areas to quaint residential enclaves, Nanaimo has something for everyone.

Get to know the many unique communities that make up this vibrant city on Vancouver Island. We’ll explore key highlights of each area to help you find the perfect neighbourhood to call home.

Discover average home prices, housing types, lifestyle amenities, and recent developments shaping Nanaimo’s most popular areas. Our deep knowledge of the local real estate market makes finding your ideal home a breeze.

Ready to explore Nanaimo, neighbourhood by neighbourhood? Let’s dive in!

Brechin Hill: A Blend of History and Natural Beauty

Nestled between the Nanaimo River and the coastline, Brechin Hill is a tranquil residential neighbourhood with deep roots.Majestic old growth trees line the winding streets, leading to heritage homes and newer builds alike. Located at the southern edge of Nanaimo, it feels like a quiet country setting, yet it sits minutes from downtown.

Historic sites like the Brechin Boat Ramp and the Nanaimo River Bridge add character. Outdoor recreation is abundant, with connections to hiking and biking trails. The views of the river valley and coastal inlet create a constant connection to the natural beauty surrounding Brechin Hill.

Neighbourhood Highlights

  • Ideal for nature lovers and those seeking tranquility
  • Average list price around $700,000
  • Prices range from $500k family homes to $1M+ oceanfront homes
  • Mix of older heritage homes and new custom builds
  • Large multi-acre properties hugging the oncean and inlet

With its peaceful vibe, natural splendor, and proximity to downtown, Brechin Hill offers the best of both worlds. The neighbourhood’s rich history and character make it a one-of-a-kind oasis within Nanaimo’s real estate landscape.

Central Nanaimo: Heart of the City

As the original nucleus of Nanaimo, Central Nanaimo remains the vibrant heartbeat of the city. This downtown area blends heritage charm with modern amenities, creating an urban lifestyle marked by walkability and convenience.

Historic buildings house trendy shops, cafes, and restaurants along picturesque pedestrian streets. The central harbor bustles with activity, framed by the iconic Nanaimo Bastion. New residential and commercial developments are revitalizing the area while retaining its heritage.

Neighbourhood Highlights

  • Ideal for professionals and empty nesters seeking an urban lifestyle
  • Average list price around $600,000
  • Prices range from $400k condos to $1.5M+ luxury builds
  • Mix of heritage buildings, restored homes, and new high rises
  • Walkable to shops, dining, entertainment in the downtown core

With its vibrant culture and coastal setting, Central Nanaimo offers big city amenities with small town charm. Urbanites will feel right at home in this dynamic heart of the harbor city.

Chase River / Cinnabar: Suburban Living at its Best

Located in central Nanaimo, the Chase River and Cinnabar neighbourhoods offer a quintessential suburban lifestyle. These family-oriented communities provide quiet streets, parks, and easy access to schools and shopping.

The housing stock consists largely of mid-century homes on tree-lined streets, along with some newer infill developments. The Southgate Centre shopping plaza provides major conveniences close to home.

Chase River / Cinnabar Neighbourhood Highlights

  • Ideal for young families seeking amenities and community
  • Average list price around $650,000
  • Prices range from $500k starter homes to $800k updated properties
  • Mostly single family dwellings from the 1960s-80s
  • Some townhome and condo infill developments

For those seeking suburban comforts with a dash of vintage character, Chase River and Cinnabar hit the sweet spot. Family living is easy in these friendly Nanaimo communities.

College Heights: A Vibrant Student Community

Located just north of VIU’s Nanaimo campus, College Heights is a youthful community revolving around student life. It offers convenient off-campus housing options combined with amenities catering to students.

The housing consists of everything from older apartment buildings to rental homes and condos. Budget-friendly dining, coffee shops, pubs and grocery stores line the main corridors. The neighbourhood comes alive when school is in session.

College Heights Neighbourhood Highlights

  • Popular for VIU students seeking housing near campus
  • Average rent around $800/month for apartments
  • Offers affordable rental homes, condos, and apartments
  • Walkable and bus-friendly for commuting to campus
  • Shops, eateries and pubs cater to student life

College Heights provides an independent, walkable experience steps from VIU. Students will feel right at home in this vibrant community tailored for campus living.

Departure Bay: Scenic Beaches and Thriving Community

Departure Bay is a scenic coastal neighbourhood located north of downtown Nanaimo, overlooking the Strait of Georgia. It is known for its beautiful beaches, parks, recreational opportunities and thriving local businesses.

Some highlights of Departure Bay real estate include:

Departure Bay Neighbourhood Highlights

  • Ideal for professionals, families, retirees seeking a coastal lifestyle
  • Average list price around $800,000
  • Home prices range from $600k starter condos to $2M+ luxury homes
  • Mix of single family homes, townhouses and condominiums
  • New ocean view townhomes and condos being built along the waterfront

Departure Bay offers direct access to the ocean along with amenities like restaurants, shops, schools and parks. The scenic waterfront promenade connects Departure Bay beach to downtown Nanaimo.

It’s a short drive to the ferry terminal for access to Vancouver Island. The neighbourhood has a strong sense of community with many young professionals and growing families calling it home.

Diver Lake: A Natural Paradise

Nestled around the serene Diver Lake just south of downtown Nanaimo, this neighbourhood offers a tranquil setting amid nature. Outdoor recreation like hiking, biking and kayaking draws many active individuals and families.

Properties range from lakefront cabins to larger homes tucked into the trees. The area has retained its natural vibe, with minimal development beyond single family homes. Residents cherish the peace and seclusion, while still being a quick drive to amenities.

Diver Lake Neighbourhood Highlights

  • Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts who value privacy
  • Average list price around $700,000
  • Prices range from $500k cabins to $1M lakefront homes
  • Secluded single family homes nestled amidst nature
  • Minimal development preserves the natural landscape

For those seeking communion with nature just minutes from the city, Diver Lake offers an idyllic setting. The neighbourhood’s pristine vibe makes it a hidden natural sanctuary.

Extension: A Rural Haven

Tucked south of Nanaimo’s city centre, Extension charms with its peaceful rural atmosphere. Originally an unincorporated area, it retains its small town farming roots today. Large rural properties, greenery, and gravel roads evoke a laidback countryside vibe.

Homes range from quaint cottages on acreages to more updated family homes. Residents enjoy the privacy and elbow room. At the same time, shops and services are just a short drive up the highway to central Nanaimo.

Extension Neighbourhood Highlights

  • Ideal for those seeking a rural retreat close to the city
  • Average list price around $600,000
  • Prices range from $400k cottages to $800k small farms
  • Mix of updated family homes and rural acreages
  • Peaceful, private setting near central amenities

Extension invites you to slow down and soak up the tranquil vibe. Rolling pastures, properties with elbow room, and friendly waves from neighbours make this rural retreat uniquely charming.

Fairwinds: A Luxurious Coastal Community

Located along Nanaimo’s scenic coastal bluffs, Fairwinds is an exclusive community that blends natural beauty with upscale living. Sweeping ocean views and top-tier amenities create a resort-like atmosphere.

Multimillion dollar homes designed by renowned architects draw luxury buyers to the area. The Gary Oak-studded landscape provides privacy and seclusion, while amenities like tennis courts and walking trails foster community.

Fairwinds Neighbourhood Highlights

  • Ideal for high-end buyers seeking privacy and luxury
  • Average list price over $2M
  • Custom estate homes from $1.5M to $5M+
  • Architecturally designed waterview homes on large lots
  • Upscale amenities like walking trails, clubhouse, tennis

Fairwinds caters to those seeking an exclusive escape just minutes from downtown. The unparalleled coastal views and luxury details make it one of Nanaimo’s most prestigious neighbourhoods.

Glen Oaks: Modern Living amidst Nature

Situated between the Nanaimo River and Westwood Lake, Glen Oaks artfully balances natural beauty with contemporary living. Sleek new homes blend effortlessly into the wooded landscape.

Properties range from modern townhomes to custom-built luxury houses overlooking the water. Outdoor recreation opportunities abound with the adjoining river and lake parks, walking trails, and wildlife viewing.

Glen Oaks Neighbourhood Highlights

  • Ideal for professionals seeking modern homes in natural settings
  • Average list price around $800,000
  • Prices range from $600k townhomes to $1.5M custom homes
  • New contemporary-styled single family homes and multi-unit buildings
  • Walking trails, parks, wildlife viewing within the community

Glen Oaks masterfully infuses the area’s tranquil vibe and natural splendor into an elegant modern community. Nature lovers will feel spoiled by the lush amenities and picturesque setting.

Harewood: Named after bunnies, it’s a buzzing area

Despite its whimsical name originating from a rabbit warren, Harewood is one of Nanaimo’s most thriving and vibrant communities. Conveniently located just south of the city center, it blends residential living with bustling commercial plazas.

The housing landscape encompasses everything from starter homes to new family-sized developments. Meanwhile, major big box stores and retailers line the Highway 1 corridor, creating a major shopping and employment hub.

Harewood Neighbourhood Highlights

  • Popular with first-time buyers for affordable homes
  • Average list price around $550,000
  • Prices range from $400k condos to $500k – $850k detached houses
  • Mix of modest post-war homes and new suburban developments
  • Quick access to major shopping plazas on Highway 1

Harewood offers great bang for your buck. Easy highway access, shopping conveniences, and developing amenities make it a buzzing Nanaimo community with plenty of upside.

Hammond Bay: Stunning Ocean Views

Perched along the scenic coastline just north of Departure Bay, Hammond Bay is prized for its spectacular ocean vistas. The area overlooks the Strait of Georgia, with panoramic views of the water and distant mountains.

Luxury homes and upscale condos capitalize on the views with floor-to-ceiling windows and oceanside patios. The seaside setting also includes parks, trails, and beach access for enjoying the beautiful environment.

Hammond Bay Neighbourhood Highlights

  • Ideal for professionals and retirees seeking oceanfront living
  • Average list price around $900,000
  • Prices range from $700k condos to $3M+ luxury homes
  • Mix of high-end condos, townhomes, and custom houses
  • Walking trails connect oceanfront parks and beaches

With its coveted vistas and tranquil seaside atmosphere, Hammond Bay creates an idyllic lifestyle. The endless ocean panoramas make this coastal neighbourhood truly breathtaking.

Lantzville: Coastal Village Charm

Nestled just north of Nanaimo along the shoreline, Lantzville offers a peaceful seaside lifestyle. Quaint shops and eateries line Lantzville Road, creating a cozy small town vibe near the waterfront.

Housing ranges from modest mid-century homes to new large luxury developments. The area retains its quiet coastal charm while growing as a bedroom community for commuters.

Lantzville Neighbourhood Highlights

  • Popular with retirees and families seeking coastal living
  • Average list price around $750,000
  • Prices range from $500k cottages to $1.5M oceanview homes
  • Mix of older homes and new custom builds
  • Marinas, shops, and eateries along the shoreline

Lantzville offers laidback coastal living steps from the ocean. Its seaside community spirit and natural splendor make it a peaceful oasis.

North Jingle Pot: A Perfect Family Neighbourhood

Tucked into a peaceful enclave between the ocean and Mount Benson, North Jingle Pot is a family-friendly Nanaimo community. It provides quiet streets lined with mid-century homes, along with parks and amenities.

Properties range from modest 1950s dwellings to newly renovated houses. Proximity to schools, recreation centers, and shopping makes it highly convenient for households. At the same time, it retains a quiet suburban charm.

North Jingle Pot Neighbourhood Highlights

  • Popular with young families for amenities and affordability
  • Average list price around $650,000
  • Prices range from $500k starter homes to $800k updated properties
  • Mostly single family homes built between the 1950s-1980s
  • Close to schools, parks, recreation and shopping

North Jingle Pot strikes the perfect balance of suburban comfort, convenience, and coziness. Families thrive in this friendly Nanaimo neighbourhood.

North Nanaimo: Urban Amenities amidst Nature

Located between the downtown core and nature reserves, North Nanaimo marries urban living with natural beauty. It provides easy access to city amenities along with acres of parks and trails to explore.

Housing ranges from affordable apartments to luxurious hilltop homes overlooking the ocean. Proximity to shopping, entertainment, and outdoor recreation provides the best of all worlds for residents.

North Nanaimo Neighbourhood Highlights

  • Popular with professionals and active families
  • Average list price around $650,000
  • Prices range from $400k condos to $1M – $3M luxury homes
  • Mix of apartments, condos, single family homes
  • Quick access to both urban amenities and nature

North Nanaimo’s prime location allows easy access to everything important: job centers, shopping, dining, parks, and trails. It is the ideal hub for an active, balanced lifestyle.

Old City Quarter: Experience Nanaimo’s Historic Charm

Centered around the iconic Nanaimo Bastion, the Old City Quarter captures the heart of the city’s 19th century beginnings. Heritage buildings, antique shops, and historic sites like the Bastion and the Nanaimo Courthouse exude old-world character.

Classic Victorian homes built by coal barons still stand today alongside newer infill developments. The neighbourhood seamlessly blends its rich history with modern vibrancy to create a charming lifestyle experience.

Old City Quarter Neighbourhood Highlights

  • Ideal for history lovers seeking heritage homes
  • Average list price around $700,000
  • Prices range from $500k lofts to $1.5M+ historical estates
  • Victorian homes, restored carriage houses, modern infill
  • In the heart of Nanaimo’s most historic district

From the morning clang of the Bastion bells to evening strolls past preserved 19th century facades, Old City Quarter immerses you in Nanaimo’s storied past.

Pleasant Valley: True to its Name

Nestled south of Nanaimo’s downtown core, Pleasant Valley lives up to its idyllic name. Peaceful tree-lined streets, parks, and amenities create a comfortable suburban community.

Properties range from modest mid-century homes to spacious new family developments. Proximity to schools, shopping, and recreation makes Pleasant Valley highly convenient while retaining its quiet vibe.

Pleasant Valley Neighbourhood Highlights

  • Popular with young families for amenities and affordability
  • Average list price around $600,000
  • Prices range from $400k starter homes to $750k new builds
  • Mix of older dwellings and new suburban developments
  • Close to schools, parks, recreation and shopping

True to its name, Pleasant Valley offers idyllic suburban living. The cozy community feel and family-friendly amenities make it a delightful place to call home.

Protection Island: Island Living in the Heart of the City

Accessible by ferry just minutes from downtown Nanaimo, Protection Island feels worlds away. The sleepy, car-free island provides a tranquil escape with gorgeous ocean views.

Properties range from charming cottages to luxury oceanfront homes. The island community comes alive in summer with just over 100 full-time residents the rest of the year. Natural beauty and seclusion attract those seeking an island lifestyle.

Protection Island Neighbourhood Highlights

  • Ideal for those wanting an island retreat close to the city
  • Average list price around $750,000
  • Prices range from $500k cottages to $2M luxury homes
  • No car access – residents walk, cycle or golf cart around
  • Peaceful, tight-knit island community

Protection Island offers a tranquil escape from city life just minutes from downtown Nanaimo. Residents enjoy privacy and natural serenity in the heart of the harbor.

South Jingle Pot: Rural Living with City Convenience

Nestled between the ocean and Mount Benson foothills, South Jingle Pot blends country charm with urban accessibility. Large rural-style properties retain a peaceful, private vibe.

Homes range from rambling ranches to grand hilltop estates with acreage. At the same time, shopping, schools and other amenities are just a short drive away in central Nanaimo.

South Jingle Pot Neighbourhood Highlights

  • Ideal for those seeking spacious rural properties close to the city
  • Average list price around $900,000
  • Prices range from $700k ranches to $2M+ view estates
  • Mix of rambling homes on acreages and large custom builds
  • Private yet only 10 mins to central Nanaimo conveniences

South Jingle Pot provides room to breathe along with easy access to urban life. The spacious rural properties balance privacy with convenience.

South Nanaimo: Rapidly Evolving and Diverse

South Nanaimo encompasses a diverse range of communities located south of the city center. It includes established neighbourhoods alongside new master-planned developments.

Housing ranges from modest postwar homes to luxurious new constructions. Amenities are expanding to serve the growing population, while retaining each area’s distinct charm.

South Nanaimo Neighbourhood Highlights

  • Popular with first-time buyers, families and professionals
  • Average list price around $650,000
  • Prices range from $400k condos to over $1M luxury homes
  • Mix of older homes, new communities, condos and townhomes
  • New parks, schools and recreation centers being added

South Nanaimo’s diversity and rapid growth provide options for every lifestyle. Convenience and community retain a small-town feel amidst expansion.

The Foothills: Luxury Living with Mountain Views

Perched on a plateau overlooking Nanaimo, The Foothills offers luxurious living with stunning vistas. Custom estate homes dot the hillside landscape, capitalizing on views of the city, ocean, and Mount Benson.

Properties range from multimillion dollar mansions to high-end condos. The neighbourhood caters to upscale buyers with its top-tier amenities like walking trails, a clubhouse, and 24/7 security.

The Foothills Neighbourhood Highlights

  • Ideal for affluent buyers seeking luxury hillside living
  • Average list price over $1.5 million
  • Prices range from $1M condos to $5M+ mansions
  • Custom-built estate homes on spacious lots
  • Upscale amenities like private trails, clubhouse, security

The Foothills entices luxury homebuyers with its elevated views and high-end details. The exclusive hilltop community provides a lifestyle experience unlike any other in Nanaimo.

Uplands: A Community with a View

Situated on a sloped hillside overlooking the city, Uplands is aptly named for its elevated views. The area provides stunning vistas of surrounding lakes, the ocean, and Mount Benson.

Mid-century homes dot the hills along with new custom luxury builds taking advantage of the scenery. Close proximity to amenities combines with the peaceful setting for an ideal family lifestyle.

Uplands Neighbourhood Highlights

  • Popular with professionals and families for views and location
  • Average list price around $800,000
  • Prices range from $600k bungalows to $1.5M new constructions
  • Mix of updated mid-century homes and new hillside builds
  • Easy access to schools, shopping, recreation and transit

Uplands delights residents with its elevated vistas and convenience. The close-knit community enjoys strolling the hills while soaking up the beautiful scenery.

University District: Intellectual Hub with Vibrant Energy

Centered around Vancouver Island University, the University District is Nanaimo’s academic and cultural core. Students and academics fill the coffee shops and galleries, creating an energetic intellectual vibe.

Housing ranges from affordable student rentals to single family homes near campus. Proximity to the downtown core provides urban amenities in an engaged community setting.

University District Neighbourhood Highlights

  • Popular with students, professors, and young professionals
  • Average list price around $550,000
  • Prices range from $350k condos to $800k houses
  • Mix of affordable rentals, condos, and family homes
  • Walking distance to campus, shops, transit and culture

The University District provides an inclusive academic environment alongside urban culture and convenience. Its youthful energy and engaged community create a stimulating lifestyle.

Wellington: Family-Friendly with a Strong Community Spirit

Tucked into the slopes of Mount Benson, Wellington is a peaceful Nanaimo community with a friendly small-town feel. Tree-lined streets, parks, and amenities provide a comfortable family-oriented lifestyle.

Properties range from classic mid-century homes to spacious new developments. An active community center and events bring residents together regularly to enjoy the family-friendly vibe.

Wellington Neighbourhood Highlights

  • Popular with young families for amenities and community
  • Average list price around $650,000
  • Prices range from $450k starter homes to $850k new builds
  • Mix of updated mid-century dwellings and new houses
  • Close to schools, parks, recreation and shops

Wellington’s peaceful ambiance, amenities, and friendly spirit make it a delightful place to put down roots. The sense of community embraces families for the long-term.


With its scenic coastal setting and lively urban core, Nanaimo offers diverse neighbourhoods to suit every lifestyle. From the quaint island community of Protection Island to the luxurious estates of The Foothills, there is something for all tastes and budgets.

Each Nanaimo neighbourhood reveals its own unique character and appeal. Together they form a vibrant and varied city with natural splendor, heritage, and progress on display. The diversity provides homebuyers an ideal opportunity to find their perfect fit in this scenic harbor city.

Nanaimo is increasing in population, and fast! With the prices in the mainland continuing to sore and the traffic getting worse for people living out of Vancouver, Nanaimo is getting more and more attention every year with people wanting to move to Nanaimo.

Whether you seek a peaceful retreat, family comfort, urban culture, or natural grandeur, Nanaimo has a neighbourhood to match your lifestyle, and you will find a unique improvement of outdoor luxuries to explore that might not be as easily accessible in the mainland with all it’s traffic and congestion.

If you’re looking for an expert realtor that knows Nanaimo like the back of her hand, let’s get started and contact us – Shanon Kelley Realty Group will help shine a light on your ideal home amidst the city’s many charming and exciting communities.

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